How to Train Your Puppy

So you just got a new puppy, how exciting! There are many new adventures ahead of you with your new best friend. Dogs are a great companion to have in life that will fill you up with love and plenty of memories for many years to come.

However, a dog doesn’t just become your best friend overnight. It requires years of training and discipline as an owner to train your dog to receive commands and behave appropriately in different circumstances.

Here are some quick tips that you may find useful as you begin training your dog:

Stick to the Schedule

In some ways, raising a puppy can be similar to raising a child in the fact that both dogs and children need a structured schedule to help them get through the day. When you begin raising your puppy, you’ll want to keep a consistent schedule for when it’s time to eat, play, and sleep at night.

Dog owners, much like parents, will be tested early and often by their newborn puppy. It requires great discipline on the owner to maintain a regular schedule for the puppy, now matter how much they howl or whine at night. It will usually take a few weeks for the puppy to get adjusted to the environment and schedule, but every minute of it will be worth once they finally do adjust.

Just Say No

When you’re training your puppy, there are going to be countless times where you’ll have to discipline your puppy by saying “no” to them. Whether they are jumping on furniture, biting through shoes, or even destroying your air conditioning unit, a puppy must be raised with consequences. Being firm with the puppy and speaking with authority will help relay the message that their behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Now, just to set clear expectations, you will have some abused furniture, shredded shoes, and you may also have to call for AC repairs Eden Prairie because of a rebellious newborn puppy that is adventurous and playful. Remember that consistency is key, so don’t slack on showing your puppy how to behave and what is expected in their new environment.

Exercise is Key

All newborn puppies just want to play and have fun, that’s what makes them so adorable and fun to be around! Puppies typically have a lot of energy, which is the main reason why you should be outside with them as often as possible, getting them the exercise they need.

Exercising outdoors is great for puppies because it allows them to get all of their energy out and act wild and crazy in a more natural environment. Once you have exhausted them outside, they are more likely to come back in the home without destroying your furniture.

Meet Other Dogs

A social life for a puppy is extremely important. Think about how important it is for young children to be around others to develop their social skills and behaviors for interacting with other cute little human beings. This is equally important for puppies too.

You don’t want your puppy to be raised without being around other dogs because once your furry little pet reaches adulthood, it won’t know how to properly interact with other dogs that they come across.

A great way to meet other dogs (and get exercise at the same time) is to head to a local dog park. You’ll also get a chance to meet other dog owners and pick their brain about their experience being a dog owner.

Reinforce Positive Behaviors

The most effective way to training a puppy to behave correctly is to reinforce the positive behaviors that you expect from your dog. The one big behavior, and this is something most pet owners struggle with at first, is teaching your puppy how to go to the bathroom outside.

Teaching your puppy to use the appropriate bathroom is a challenging task. It requires dedication, discipline, patience, and positive reinforcement. You’ll want to seclude a designated area for where you want the puppy to use the potty, that way the dog knows exactly where to go when he/she has to go.

Anticipate when your puppy might have to go to the bathroom (immediately in the morning, right after a meal, late at night) and guide your puppy to the designated area so they can try to use the bathroom. Do not let them leave the area without using the bathroom first (you’ll know when to expect a bathroom break) and have a snack ready in hand to positively reinforce the puppies behavior after they go to the bathroom in the right area.

This will help the puppy identify the designated area as the place to use the bathroom, and will quickly teach them that pottying in the house is unacceptable.

Have Fun and Show Love

Raising a puppy is suppose to be fun, so enjoy it! Dogs can bring so much joy to one’s life, so it’s important to remember to have fun raising your puppy even in the most difficult of times. Your puppy will instantly grow with you and love you if you’re able to provide it the life it deserves.

All pets, but especially dogs, need and deserve our attention and love that we have. Give your puppy the affection and love that it seeks as a little pup. The more affection you show, the stronger the bond that you’ll have with your new dog, and that bond is something that you’ll never experience anything like again.