Foods You Shouldn’t Give to Your Dogs

For dog lovers, dogs are not just pets. They are a part of the family. They spoil their dogs with all the good stuff including all types of foods. However, pet owners should be responsible fur parent. They need to know what foods to give to their dogs and what not. Unfortunately, some human foods are not safe for dogs and we are going to discuss them below.

Chocolate and caffeinated foods/beverages

foods containing chocolates and caffeine are toxic to dogs. They contain methylxanthines, which is known to cause ill effects on dogs. When taken in large amount could lead to death. So, keep your chocolates and coffee with you.

High Sodium Foods

Too much intake of salty foods will lead to your dog’s urinating more than the usual. As a result, your dog feels thirsty and the risk of dehydration and sodium poisoning are high. As much as possible, you should limit giving chips, pretzels, and other salty foods to your dogs.

Grapes and raisins

If you are used to giving raisins and grapes to your dogs, then now is the time to stop doing so.  Intake of grapes and raisins, especially in excessive amount can lead to kidney failure.

Bread and Complex Carbohydrates

We are used to giving bread to our pets but don’t you know that some bread causes bloating and twisting in dogs’ stomach? Pet owners should also avoid giving raw dough as the ethanol content of the yeast causes the dog to become drunk. If you are going to give bread to your dog, make sure that it is safe for dogs.

Some Bones

Dogs are known for their love of bones. However, not all bones are safe for dogs. Some bones like chicken and ribs break off easily, which can potentially lead to choking and irritation of the throat. If you are going to give bones to your dogs, you have to make sure they are especially for chewing on such as the ones found at the pet store.

Onions and Garlic

These are common ingredients in almost all dishes. However, they can be extremely bad for your dogs. What these ingredients do is destroy your dog’s red blood cells when consumed in high amount. It increases the possibility of anemia in dogs. It can also lead to poisoning.


It contains a substance called persin, which is commonly found in the seeds, leaves, bark, and the fruit itself. Persin, if taken in high amount, can be extremely toxic in dogs. The level of persin in ripe avocado is low, which does not really cause harm to your dogs. However, if your dogs happen to eat unripe avocado or have taken a lot of ripe avocados, it could lead to stomach upset. When giving avocado to your dog, you have to make sure you remove the harmful part, especially the pits.

Just because the food is safe to you does not necessarily mean it is safe for your dogs. If you are unsure as to whether the food is safe or not, the best thing to do is to not give it at all. Always do your research or ask your vet before introducing new foods to your beloved dogs.